She Did That!

After I received my B.A in Healthcare Administration I thought I was done with school. Then, my mom suggested that I go for my Master’s. I was a little upset a first because I was thinking about the debt I had already accrued. I was on a journey to becoming debt free, and I didn’t want to be paying student loans forever so I decided not to go back.

I joined the DFree class at my church. My pastor and I were talking after class and he said, “you should go for your Master’s.” He mentioned that having a Master’s might open more doors for me. I was thinking to myself, “I am trying to be debt free and I didn’t want to invest more money into my education.”

Well, after a couple of weeks of going back and forth with myself I decided to look into it. To my surprise I found out that my employer pays 100% of my tuition if I attend WGU (Western Govern University). That was my answer, plain as day in my face.

God has a funny way of getting my attention at times.

The very next week I signed up and started the enrollment process to begin my journey. As I began to go through the process it felt like a cake walk, other than those massive assignments I had to complete; until I ran in to the hardest test of my degree. Child, when I say that test had me on the hopes like No Deal Holyfield…I mean it was kicking my butt. It took me six times to pass that exam. Six times? Yes, and I am unashamed of my process. It showed me how much I was willing to fight for what I wanted. I promise I wanted to give up after the fourth time but my fair would not allow me to give up.

If there is someone reading this blog and you have your mind set on a goal DO NOT give up. That exam had me contemplating giving up on my entire degree but I didn’t. I put a plan of action together, focused in on the chapters that I struggled with the most, shut myself out from the world and I locked in. It all paid off. I received my Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management at WGU and landed a promotion at my job as a manager.

Your process is necessary for your growth. Now, I can look back at this and say “She Did That”. It has taken me to a new level of believing I can do anything that I put my mind to.


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