Hello 30!

Thirty years old? It seems like it was just yesterday I was telling my auntie she was old. Ten years ago I asked her how old she was. “I’m thirty,” she said. “Dang! you old, TT”, I replied back disturbed; because the age of thirty seemed so far away. My fresh mind had no idea how time speeds up after twenty five.

That was the age I believe I woke up to who I was supposed to be. I’m in no way proclaiming perfection, however I will say, making the choice to heal and deal with issues in my heart has allowed me to see the world a little more differently.

You realize how tainted your thoughts were after spending time with yourself and practicing peace. Practice? Yes, it takes practice in order to master something.

After experiencing trauma in my life peace was an EASY choice.

At twenty five I decided to step out on faith and live out my purpose. It’s been a journey and it still is. I can say every year gets better as I continue to work on myself. You quickly find out what works and what doesn’t work; and your decision to eliminate the “don’ts” becomes a little more swift. I began to shift my focus on reaching my goals by healing and sharing my story with the world. I feel strongly that we are inspired by the stories of others. We find connection through similar experiences. I remember the first I was inspired. The feeling made me feel like I could fly. I believe inspiration is the key to unlocking someone's fullest potential. You begin to believe in yourself again and the feeling reminds you just how special you truly are.

As I get older, I remain in a state of gratefulness because you never know what to expect in life. So here lately, I’ve been taking my time with things. I’m learning how to hustle more gracefully and enjoy the moments. The moments are what create the experiences and the experiences tell the story. So with bittersweet emotions I say good-bye. Goodbye to my adolescent phase. I’m now stepping into a new level of greatness. This should be fun. ☺

Hello 30, my name is Keiana. Let me tell you about myself. I am...ummm…sorry…I am….

The story is still being written.

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