The Power in Living Your Best Life

I have dedicated the past four years to living my best life, and becoming the best version of myself. I knew I had a major purpose that God wanted me to fulfill, so I began soul searching and learning more about myself as well as the people around me. I began becoming more in tune with myself and setting my intentions on things I wanted to manifest in this life time. Although things haven’t been easy, and actually rather frustrating and hard at times, I still stayed devoted to becoming the best version of myself while allowing God to teach me the power of patience, longevity and faithfulness. The end result of stepping into this mindset has been receiving many blessings of wisdom and understanding. In my experiences I’ve been blessed with the confidence to live out my best life. There is something so powerful that lies within being confident in who you are. (That’s another subject for another blog). Anyway, being confident in myself brought me to my recent experience which was traveling to Cancun, Mexico by myself. Yea I said it!!! BY MYSELF! I planned to go on this trip with my girl friends whom I’ve known for over 15 years; however prior obligations got in the way and they couldn’t attend the trip. I’ve learned not to force things anymore, and allow the chips to fall as they may. That’s the Power in being led by peace.

I had been working super hard all year to get my trip paid off and I also decided to go back to school in May to get my Master’s in Leadership and Management, so a vacation was necessary before for my next venture. Upon arriving to the resort I was greeted by the hospitality specialists. They made me feel so welcomed. Honestly, it felt like a breath of fresh air to be treated so well. All the workers at the resort were extremely pleasant. They made me feel like the Queen I am for sure. There I was; just me, God and my Angels. To be completely honest, not once did I feel lonely. There was so much to do that I didn’t have time to be sad about being alone. There were beach parties, aqua Zumba, foam parties, live music, theatrical shows, sunset yoga, a beautiful beach, cross fit training, and great food!! How could I be sad? This honestly gave me a great perceptive on life. What I’ve learned is that joy is something that’s inside of you. It’s activated by unconditional love, and happiness is the choice to see things with an open heart.

While on my trip I met so many wonderful people. I met a lady from Poland who was also excited to be on vacation. I met a British man and his family. I met two women from Canada and they even invited me to their wedding party!!! Surprisingly, I met a couple from the south side of Indianapolis. They were so excited to meet another Hoosier so many miles aways from home. They kept ordering me bourbon and coke. We laughed so hard, listened to music, talked about the Indy 500, places they’ve traveled, and their family back home. They told me to live my life to the fullest and they were proud that I was bold enough to take a trip by myself.

The highlight of my trip was when I met four ladies from Dallas, Texas. I met Diana, Shelley, Jenny and Danielle at the Caribbean dinner on the beach. When they found out I came by myself they invited me to their table. I believe it was their southern hospitality that drew me to them. They were four women from all different walks of life but still we connected in such a way. In that moment it didn’t matter what color we were, what our sexual orientation was, where we come from or how much money we had. We were all women with strong faith and the desire to have a good time. After a few drinks and a little partying we said our fair wells and parted ways. I went back to my room and thanked God for all the different people I met while being on my trip. I thanked God for allowing me to see another country. After prayer, I told myself that I would continue to live my best life and enjoy my season of singleness. You know the power in living your best life is simply being grateful for every breath in your body and cherishing every opportunity you have to meet new people and experience new things.

Live well family.






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