Let's Make It Happen

Wow, guys, can you believe we’re about to enter the year 2019? I know we have all set goals, created vision boards and said “New Year, New me”. It’s that time of the year when everybody is motivated. It’s a new start, right? Then, we all know what happens a few months down the line; that motivation starts to diminish. We begin to become complacent and lose focus. I am here to say: Not this year! My prayer and desire for everyone is that you will complete every goal you’ve set forth for yourself. Is this going to be easy? Absolutely not, but it’s possible, and you have to remember what you’re fighting for; whether it be taking your business to the next level, improving your health, finishing up school…whatever your goal is…let that be the thing that drives your focus. As you’re climbing the mountain, I want you to remember something. I want you to remember opposition will come. And it can be discouraging; however, it’s necessary to stretch you. The further you’re stretched, the bigger your foundation will become.

Remain positive and humble; keep your mind clear from all negativity. In this season of building remember to protect your energy. Only spend time on the things associated with your purpose. Even the simplest moments are important to your growth; from the conversations you have to the places you go. Be aware and intentional with everything. Prayer and meditation will help you with your discernment. Don’t fight to hold on to things that are not connected to your destiny. Always keep God first, and the rest will follow. If you encounter failure, please do not look at this as an opportunity to escape and not follow through with your dreams/goals. Instead- go back to the drawing board and figure out a different plan to execute. You’re on your way to becoming an even better you. Gear in and focus! Write down EXACTLY what you want to manifest this year, and the years to come. It’s all up to you.... In 2019 LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! ;)



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