It's Never Too Late

I'm 26 and my birthday is at the end of the month (Taurus baby!). At the age of 27, I was supposed to be married with children. I was supposed to have a degree and actively working as an entertainer. I was supposed to have my production company up and running and my lip care line launched. Is any of that happening right now? ABSOULETLY NOT. Well, ‘kind-of-not’ In 2015, I decided to face my fears and chase my dreams. I was 25 years old, and ready to take over the world, until a little insecurity wanted to show up and show out. I started looking at my peers who had families, successful businesses, and not only did some have bachelor’s degrees, a few went to get their Master’s. Yet here I am working at a call center and at the baby stage of building my brand. I thought to myself, “I’m so far behind." Or was I right on time? Often times, we let society and the pressures of life make us feel unaccomplished. It’s all a LIE!

Everyone has their own journey and path. It’s normal to miss your turn or find yourself stuck while on your path. But, what’s most important is your ability to find strength within yourself, to get back on track and keep going. May 12th, I’ll be graduating from college. Even though it took me seven years, I’m almost at the finish line. My brand has grown so much within the last two years and I’m learning and growing more in the entertainment business. I’ve met so many great people and have had the ability to encourage them on their journeys. They’ve also returned the same positive energy. This year, I started working on my next music project, which I’m super excited to give to the world.

You’s never too late to start walking in your purpose. All you have to do is take it a day at a time and before you know it, you’ll be accomplishing more than you ever dreamed.

Love you,




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