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Lately, I’ve been hearing people rant about how they “wish” they could do what they really desired to do in life. I scroll down my news feed and I’m bombarded with loads of excuses and complaints. I sit there puzzled because the amount of time people waste on “wishing” they could do something else, they could be utilizing that time to create a plan.


Below are a few of tips to help you get started:

  • You need a plan. Putting a plan together helps you stay organized and it also helps to keep you accountable for completing the task. One of my mentors once told me, “If you don’t write your vision down, you’re not serious about completing it.” So put those ideas on paper… write the vision and make a plan.

  • You need to take action. Even if you take small steps, you need to put your best foot forward. If you are a believer, you understand that faith without works is dead. You have to work hard and be diligent for the things you desire. What does diligent mean? It means to be consistent in effort to accomplish a goal, being attentive and persistent in your doings. The only person stopping you is YOU! So don’t be LAZY… you’re only letting yourself down.

  • You need to pray. Make sure you have a clear mind. You need all the positive energy you can get to sustain during opposition. Remember, positivity is key!! No one wants to work with a Grinch or be around someone who is consumed by negative energy. Prayer helps to elevate your thoughts and keep you inspired. Prayer can also help with stress, depression and anxiety. These are just a few benefits that are associated with prayer.

Start to practice these three things and make them a habit. Remain as professional as possible when exploring new business ventures. Continue to challenge yourself to be greater than you were before. Do not waste time…time is something that we cannot get back, so use it wisely. Most of all take care of business!

Keiana Whatley



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