Listen! This blog is for the dreamer. This is for the one who believes in what some may call “the impossible." This is for the one who is hungry to be everything that God has called them to be. This is for the one who is caught up in purpose and stepping out on faith to fulfill their destiny. This one is for YOU!



We all have goals, some are big and some are small. As individuals, we receive gratification from our accomplishments; but what about those moments when, you’re doing everything you can and nothing you’re doing seems to be working? Here come those two double mint twins…Fear and Doubt!! Don’t give in to their tactics. Their job is to paralyze you and stop you from stepping out on your dreams; using anything they can to stop you.

That reminds me of a place where I had been in life. It was a time I disappeared-- removing myself from my surroundings. It wasn’t anything personal, I just had to take time and get myself together. I needed to focus on what God wanted me to do. I began to crave self-improvement. I wanted my total being to be put “under construction." I wanted God to make me over. So I politely explained to everyone that I am focusing on me. I’m doing what I have to do to take myself to the next level.

Some didn’t believe me and distanced themselves (Thank you Lord…lol). Others understood and began to support. Some hated on the low…and watched to see if I was really going to go through with “chasing my dreams”; and some were inspired and started creating goals for themselves. Their desire for self-improvement began to grow, just as mine did.

Over time I began to develop thicker skin; by succeeding, failing and getting back up again. I became bolder and I realized something!! (This is going to help you out.)

YOU DON’T OWE anyone an explanation of why you decided to make positive changes in your life. If they were on a similar path:

1. They know what the hustle looks like.

2. They would be understanding.

3. They would celebrate positive changes in your life.

Les Brown said, “Good relationships nurture you, bad relationships drain you”…

We’ve touched on “People” now let’s confront “Situations."

Money is funny! The kids are out of control! Your job is giving you all types of Hell!!! Whew!!! Life can be something else. When situations come up and I can’t physically change them right away…I pray! Matter a fact! I pray before these situations happen. This gives me the peace and grace I need to push through. Remember you have goals to accomplish; and in order to succeed, you have to allow the God inside of you to reign over your life. Do not think because you have trials and tribulations that you’re a failure. I’ve learned God will purposely put those things in place to increase your ENDURANCE. One important thing to do is speak and confess your goals. When I’m being attacked by the double mint twins (fear and doubt)…I speak my goals and dreams into existence.

Do me a favor...Go to the mirror and say,

“God has a plan for my life!” and then...Believe it!

Get creative, put #IHAVEGOALS on your social media sites; or better yet get a posted note and place it on your desk at work or on the dash board of your car. Keep reminders everywhere!

Always remember this—When pressure is applied, you’re about to BREAK THROUGH and it’s the most critical time in the process… This is the phase where you’re entering into a new place of strength, so DO NOT fold! Remember “To whom much is given …much is required”. It’s all preparation for the next level! So remember why you established your goals in the first place. Remember the breath of fresh air you experienced when you understood your purpose!! YOU HAVE GOALS...You have some desires in your heart that need to be fulfilled.

Think about all of those reasons and let them be the “Second Wind” in this race.

Keep going!

Keiana Whatley

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