Finding The Beauty In It All

Do you know less than 24 hours ago, I was laying in a hospital bed begging God to heal my body? I didn't say that for any sympathy; I said it to inspire you. Many people know me as the singer/ songwriter however, God is taking me on a new journey that will allow me to utilize ALL of my gifts. In this process, I've felt confused, alone, and unaccomplished. I asked God, "Have you forgotten about me?" I've seen my peers excel in their purpose and here I am...stuck. Or was I really stuck? Was God just working on me and I couldn't see it? Sometimes in life we get so frustrated with God. We find our selves trying to take control of a situation that He has already figured out for us. Just a couple of weeks ago I didn't know what to write for this blog. I didn't even know where to start. I didn't know becoming ill would give me inspiration to tell someone "this part" of my story. I didn't want to talk about this because I was looking for another testimony that God delivered me from. One I thought people could relate to but that was out of my own ignorance and understanding. There I was again, blind to what God was doing...His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts...Do me a favor?? Go to the mirror and tell your self...."GET OUT OF THE WAY!" After coming to my senses, I thought..."Keiana, this is a testimony...were you not just crying out to God at Community North Hospital, asking the Lord to heal you? Keiana, less than 24 hours ago you could barely eat, stand or walk, and now you have the ability to write without becoming dizzy or vomiting. Keiana, there maybe someone waiting to be healed and needed to be reminded that God is a healer...Keiana, there maybe someone chasing a dream and experiencing the same pain that you are their process. Hearing your story, could fuel their faith...let them know ...YOU ARE NOT ALONE..!!!" (Reminds me of that Michael Jackson song....ok seriously....get back to it.) "Keiana, maybe someone is tired of trying and is on the verge of throwing in the towel. Remind them that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, and it hasn't even entered in the hearts of men the things that God has in store for the ones who LOVE Him!

God knows what his people need more than you do."

Yes! I talk to myself because "self " sometimes gets in the way of God and sometimes you have to tell self to Be Humble!...Sit down!...Have several seats!


I had to remind my self that I am only a vessel, and there is beauty in everything that God does we just have to trust Him enough and allow Him to open up our understanding. In your life, try to find God in every situation....EVERY situation. If He allowed it to happen then...there has to be a plan. Change your mind about your situation. Changing your mindset will give you a different outlook/perspective. Look at things with positivity and love. Have faith that there is something bigger waiting for you...TRUST THE PROCESS. Be a manifestation of God's love, peace, and light. Be blessed...have unspeakable joy...and FIND THE BEAUTY IN IT ALL.

Keiana Whatley

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