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Keiana Whatley was born in Indianapolis, IN on April 30th, 1991. She graduated from Ben Davis high school in May of 2009. During her time at Ben Davis Whatley joined the speech team, embarked on her journey as a playwright and began truly believing in her abilities as an artist. That passion for artistry carried her through her years at Vincennes University where she discovered more about herself and gained leadership skills.


In October 2015, she released her first music single and video called “God Loves You More” In that same month, she was featured in a movie called “Gambling With Life,” to showcase her acting skills. The director, Carmen Jameson, was so intrigued by Whatley’s performance that she asked her to write a song for the “Gambling With Life” soundtrack.


Whatley was so inspired that she continued creating in the years after by releasing "Diamond in the Rough" in 2016 followed by the production of "Bluebird" in 2018 along with "Queen" in heightening the anticipation of "Luminous" released in 2019.


Whatley continues to chase her dreams. Unashamed of her humble beginnings, she doesn’t mind sharing her story about the difficulties from her childhood and the challenges she faces every day as she continues on the journey. “We’re all in this together, we all are facing something, no one is perfect, however, we have to choose to have a positive outlook on our situations. That is the only away we will be able to push through, peacefully” Whatley explains.


Keiana Whatley- a multi-talented, driven and passionate woman ready to inspire, encourage, and make an impact on the lives of her community, supporters, and fans.

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